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Name: kailee
Age: 14
Gender: female
Status: single .. surprise surprise
Sexual Orientation: straight
Location: canada

**Your Thoughts On..**
Self-mutilation:  not good
Abortion: i'm not sure if i'm for or against it... because if you get raped or sumthing at 14 and you clearly don't want a child it would be okay. But if you were stupid enough to do it when you knew what the consiquences could be, you should punish a baby for that, you should be responsible enough to take care of it if you're responsible enough to have un-protected sex.
Animal Testing:  animals aren't really my thing so i'm not sure.. i'm not really for it because couldn't it hurt them?
Drugs: i for one used to do drugs and still do once in a while to get my mind off myself and all the negative things about me..
Alcohol: i drink alot. too much actually.. when i drink my problems slowly fade away the drunker i get
Suicide: well.. suicide is a personal choice for someone. if you hate your life that much and are actually ACHING inside and all you do is think about how BAD your life is then maybe theres a big problem.. but theres always another way instead of suicide i believe (wow i sure hope so)
Death: scares me a lot.. once you’re gone you’re gone

Any phobias?
What do you do in your spare time?  well i try to hang out with my friends alot, TRY to get on the basketball court, MSN, just sit around listening to my music..
Favorite article of clothing? Loose comfy sweats
Something Random. Mmm.. I got a free c.d today.
Can you do anything unusual?  I get called ‘unusual’ all the time but I’m not sure why..
Why do you think you should get accepted? i need more confidence & i need other people to share my questions, stories and even answers maybe?
Embarrassing Story: haha  I don’t even know what to put for this :S

Bands/Artists(at least5): the beatles, led zeppelin, pink floyd, aerosmtih, supertramp
Food: grapes & fries
Plaything: my computer
Color: orange & green

At least 2 Clear pictures of yourself:

(MAY)    (JUNE)

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