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Name: Beth
Age: 15, 16 in November
Gender: Female
Status: Taken - 1 year, 6 months on Wednesday July 13
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada

**Your Thoughts On..**

Self-mutilation: I guess if you need to do it to let out some steam, go hard. it's always better than killing yourself
Abortion: Ehh...I guess if you're pregnant and you're not going to give the baby a good life, then I guess it's okay. Even though you could just adopt it when it is born. But then again..you should have been thinking before you got knocked up...ahh I don't know. Neither against or for.
Animal Testing: Against this. I did a report on it in Grade 9. Some of the things that I have found out that they do to animals is way too cruel for me.
Drugs: Meh. My boyfriend does them daily, as well as most of my friends...I do them occasionally.
Alcohol: I drink every few days. So I'm for it. But as long as I don't turn into an alcoholic.
Suicide: There's always a better solution to your problem. Ending your life will just make everyone else's lives worse..
Death: Well we all have to die eventually, or else the world would be way too overpopulated!


Any phobias? I'm Clausterphobic. I can't stand being in small spaces or have too many people around. I'm also afraid of spiders, and being alone.
What do you do in your spare time? Sleep, play the drums, hang out with my boyfriend/friends, watch TV or movies, go on this addicting livejournal website. hah
Favorite article of clothing? Hmm...this brown DC shoes shirt my buddy lent to me
Something Random. I have the cutest cat in the world, but he's really overweight and can hardly walk :(
Can you do anything unusual? I have double jointed elbows that can bend in really weird ways. And my left pinkie finger is double jointed and I can pop it out and move it in weird ways.
Why do you think you should get accepted? Because I have some really cool storys and I *think* I give good advice to anyone who needs it :)
Embarrassing Story: I was a little girl and I was in Shoppers Drug Mart with my mum, and I saw this huge bundle of lollypops that I really wanted so I asked my mom for them. When she wouldn't buy them for me I stashed them under my shirt and we left the store. In the car I pulled them out and started to unwrap one and my mom starter screaming at me. She made me take them back and give them back to the clerk. The whole time I was bawling. I dunno, it was a funny moment I guess :)


Bands/Artists(at least5): Lars Frederikson and the Bastards, Propagandhi, Greenday, My Chemical Romance, annnnnd... Theory of a Deadman
Food: Believe it or not, but macaroni and cheese with ketchup. That stuff is so good. I also eat tons of plain vanilla yogurt, extra smooth :)
Plaything: Plaything? Umm..my boyfriends PSP. It's like a handheld playstation 2 if you didn't know. ;)
Color: Orange or black. I think all cars look better when they are in black, but the color orange just stands out to me.


At least 2 Clear pictures of yourself:
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may 2005

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june 2005

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july 2005

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july 2005
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