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Beautiful heart

Name: Nikki
Age: 14
Gender: female
Status: single
Sexual Orientation:heterosexual
Location: New York

**Your Thoughts On..**
Self-mutilation: I am not against it or for it. People deal with pain in different ways and to say that it is wrong to self-mutilate is like saying its wrong to use lj to deal with the pain. However we have the right to our own opinions and I think that it is not the best way to deal with pain.
Abortion: I think abortion should only be done if the female got raped. You should'nt kill a baby just because you didn't have protected sex. Its not the baby's fault. However i dont think that abortion should be illegal, it should always be an option.
Animal Testing: I think animal testing is just cruel. Animals should not be treated the way some companies/people use them for testing.
Drugs: I don't do them and hopefully never will. Alot of people do use drugs and it does bother me. I don't want my friends to die. Im pretty much against drugs.
Alcohol:Im for it, even though right now I don't drink. I think a few drinks once in a while is okay.
Suicide:I don't think i could ever do it. It would inflect alot of pain on my family and friends. So to me it's selfish. But then again, its different for some people and its really up to them.
Death:Because we all will eventually die, I think everyone should live life to the fullest. Death is something that is going to happen and has to happen.

Any phobias? nope
What do you do in your spare time? watch tv, go online, make icons, talkin on the phone, go to the mall, go to the movies, hang out with friends, sleep and relax.
Favorite article of clothing? hmm. i Love my blood lust kill shirt.
Something Random. i love ketchup
Can you do anything unusual? i dont think that there is anythin unusual that i can do. but people seem to think im unusual. :/
Why do you think you should get accepted?I think i should be accepted because I will be active.
Embarrassing Story: Ive had so many. The first one that came to mind was one from a while ago. I was in 4grade and there was this halloween thing at my school. There was this huge slide (like the ones at fairs/carnivals) and i went on it. Which wasn't the best idea because i had a tube top on ( i was a hippy) with only a vest wit fringy things on it ontop of it. When i got down to the bottom i realized my tube top slipped down. So embarassing because there was a guy right there.

Bands/Artists(at least5): Taking Back Sunday, Blood Lust Kill (local), Sum 41, The all american rejects, Unwritten law, Finch, Good charlotte, blink 183, static-x, Simple plan, and many more.
Food: Chicken pizza
Plaything:my laptop

At least 2 Clear pictures of yourself:

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