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Role model/Hero

Share with us your role model, hero, or a great story :)

 Pictures are always great to add!

+ Make sure to say why they are your role model or why the story means something to you.

Thanx. Make the post as long as you want, Lj cuts are good but not needed unless u have more then 4 pictures or they are big. Thanks again !
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On August 29, 2005 my whole life changed. I went to living on the beach in Biloxi, MS to living in Terre Haute, IN. Katrina blew away everything that I knew. And it really pisses me off that all I hear about Katrina is New Orleans this, and New Orleans that. You know New Orleans didnt even have any damage until the day after the storm. Some big wig was to cheep to fix their levees so they broke. New Orleans could have been saved if someone would have just spent the money. But the people of Mississippi had no chance. And the majority of the help went to the people in New Orleans. Where I was it was like a bomb had droped. We were on the eastern side of the eye and that is the worse side of the storm. All I saw the day after was distruction and sadness and hopelessness. And the hardest thing for me is that I cant explain how it was really to anyone that wasnt there. Up here it didnt even seem to effect the people. And everyone has just forgot about it. Well I cant forget and it will forever be burned in my brain.