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Name: cassie.
Age: sixteen.
Gender: girl.
Status: very lonely.
Sexual Orientation: straight.
Location: deep in the heart of texas.

**Your Thoughts On..**
Self-mutilation: very bad :(
Abortion: against.
Animal Testing: depends.
Drugs: they are bad, but some of my friends do them & i will not judge them cause of it.
Alcohol: i don't drink, unless it's to make a certain someone happy :::don't ask:: beer taste like bananas.
Suicide: is not the way out.
Death: very scary.

Any phobias? no i don't think so. lol.
What do you do in your spare time? go to shows, hang out with friends, sing, dance, watch/listen to the early novmeber.
Favorite article of clothing? um . . . blazers?

Something Random. omg. i am online!
Can you do anything unusual? yess. i am unusual.
Embarrassing Story: oh god no . . .

Bands/Artists(at least5): the early november ♥ , the starting line, the yeah yeah yeahs, hot hot heat, beyond your eyes.
Food: cookies, cookies, and more cookies.
Plaything: my water gun that i got in a happy meal & a can opener.
Color: green.

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